About Us


Wilmanton International Logistics

We should be your first choice for logistics related solutions and services. Our inception happened in Chongqing, China and we consider ourselves to be an overall logistics solution provider. We are an award-winning business with the main aim to provide amazing logistics solutions to different enterprises all over the world. Our desire to create a brighter future for supply chain logistics and other aspects makes us a reliable choice for our clients and customers.

If you are on the lookout for scalable and flexible logistics solutions with a more personal as well as professional approach, you can definitely get it at Wilmanton International Logistics. We help you grow your business with proper insights and logistics services.

We Listen, Understand, and Deliver

If there is anyone that can understand the market demands and changing trends in logistics and enterprises, it is us. We will listen to the goals and objectives of our clients and create the best logistics services and strategies around their requirements. We have a professional team of experts who will gather all the necessary information to provide seamless services to the businesses. Rely on Wilmanton Internation Logistics for the extensive growth and success of your enterprises. Once you decide to do business with us, we will take care of everything.

Our Mission

It is our mission to design and create as well as implement profitable, sustainable, and innovative services and products that can help in meeting the needs and requirements of our customers. We aim to transform the logistics sector in order to make sure that the industry demands are being met globally.

Our Vision

Wilmanton International Logistics seeks to become a profitable and prominent provider of the most reliable and trustworthy supply-chain logistics service providers across the globe. We want to assist in implementing sustainable commerce and trade environments in key regions and markets. We will accomplish our goal by investing in the professional resources, technologies, and facilities that we have. We hope to continue this journey till we have reached our goal.