Services That We Offer


As your trusted logistics partner, Wilmanton International Logistics is fully committed to offering effective support and security to your enterprise supply chain. We provide road transportation operations as well as their associated logistics within China. Our services mostly include trucking and container stuffing across the entirety of China.

We have trusted partners in Europe in locations such as Germany, The Netherlands, France, and Slovenia. Our experts see to it that your road transportation requirements are being fulfilled in the most effective and efficient manner. We will provide all transportation benefits including custom clearance, workflow management, and on-site logistics. If you are on the lookout for transportation services that are centred on a more streamlined and secure arrangement, we are your best bet.

Road transport is definitely at the heart of the industry and takes a major share in the services offered by our logistics company. As an experienced and knowledgeable service provider, we can offer the most qualified drivers and a fleet of functional vehicles to ensure the safe transportation of your goods across routes in China and Europe. We have a chartered network that guarantees responsiveness, flexibility, and high-capacity transportation options.

From personalized solutions to standard services, we have the sole aim to provide excellent services for our clients. Leverage the benefits provided by Wilmanton International Logistics to ensure that the transportation of your cargo via the road routes is taking place effectively. We are a reliable company that strives to make sure that our clients are happy with the road transportation services that we have.