Services That We Offer


Are you on the lookout for the fastest and the safest methods of transportation for your cargo while also ensuring that every single thing is delivered right on time and that too in perfect condition? Well, look no further because we have got the much-needed expert help right here. We have some of the most reliable air transport options to monitor your supply chain and make improvements in the process to ensure proper results. We are your personal logistics service provider with the best Air Freight solutions to make sure that everything is delivered on schedule and in the most suitable conditions.


We have connections to all the major airports across China and Europe to ensure that the delivery of goods takes place in a sustainable and trustworthy environment without any damage to the goods. From the departure destination to the shipping destination, everything functions in a very smooth and sophisticated process to ensure the most optimal results.

We all understand how important air transport services can be when it comes to the transportation of goods from one place to another. Hence, we take special care in ensuring the most optimal results for our clients. When you choose to work with Wilmanton International Logistics, you will definitely have the best benefits offered to you in terms of Air Freight services. We provide a secure and safe solution to provide businesses with the most suitable process of air cargo delivery. We will help in changing the scene of your supply chain with our important services of Air transport.


We are one of the safest and the most reliable options to make sure that your goods are going where you want and that too in prime condition. The development of the rail industry is something that we all know about. This recent development has led to an increase in the efficiency and sustainability of different logistics services that can translate to the improvement of the supply chain of different companies. At Wilmanton International Logistics, we have a well-developed rail network to ensure the most efficient transportation of your goods.

With the help of Wilmanton International Logistics, you now have a solution to improve the supply chain of your enterprise via a superior service provider. We travel along with the China-Europe rail network which is backed up by the supporting service that we offer. We have all-in packages for our clients such as container stuffing in the departure destination like Germany (For Eastbound shipments) or China (For westbound shipments originating from China).

When you choose us as your partner for proper logistics services, there is no doubt that you will be offered the very best solutions for sure. We have steady relationships with different rail operators. With that and our expertise in rail transport and freight services, we can offer highly-effective and productive rail-based transportation solutions for your cargo.

Having the backing of Wilmanton International Logistics can help your enterprise import and export different goods via the strong rail network connection between different parts of China and Europe.


Now you can find secured solutions that are built from the Sea transport and freight requirements of customers from different parts of the world. As a leading logistics and sea transport solution provider in China, we have major connections to the different seaports in China such as Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

By leveraging the reliable network as well as the long-standing career relations that we have, Wilmanton International Logistics will bring to you some of the most flexible and reliable Sea transport solutions that can help in the easy relocation and shipping of your cargo and goods from one place to another. Our solutions are built around overall operations excellence and hence we take pride in the plethora of Sea transport services that are offered here.

We will put most of our attention and focus on properly understanding your enterprise and the objectives that it has. We always take time to make sure that all the solutions are customized to the likes of our customers. We have reliable transportation solutions that will impress you for sure.

From picking out the best schedule for shipments to container stuffing to providing secure and yet competitive rates, we will take care of everything. We have sea transport experts all over in order to make sure that everything takes place with proper precision in order to ensure safe delivery via the seaports and routes in China. Choose us for the safe and reliable movement of your goods across China and other important locations in Europe.


As your trusted logistics partner, Wilmanton International Logistics is fully committed to offering effective support and security to your enterprise supply chain. We provide road transportation operations as well as their associated logistics within China. Our services mostly include trucking and container stuffing across the entirety of China.

We have trusted partners in Europe in locations such as Germany, The Netherlands, France, and Slovenia. Our experts see to it that your road transportation requirements are being fulfilled in the most effective and efficient manner. We will provide all transportation benefits including custom clearance, workflow management, and on-site logistics. If you are on the lookout for transportation services that are centred on a more streamlined and secure arrangement, we are your best bet.

Road transport is definitely at the heart of the industry and takes a major share in the services offered by our logistics company. As an experienced and knowledgeable service provider, we can offer the most qualified drivers and a fleet of functional vehicles to ensure the safe transportation of your goods across routes in China and Europe. We have a chartered network that guarantees responsiveness, flexibility, and high-capacity transportation options.

From personalized solutions to standard services, we have the sole aim to provide excellent services for our clients. Leverage the benefits provided by Wilmanton International Logistics to ensure that the transportation of your cargo via the road routes is taking place effectively. We are a reliable company that strives to make sure that our clients are happy with the road transportation services that we have.


The technical experts and experienced professionals at Wilmanton International Logistics are trained to help your goods get cleared in an efficient and quick way. We have an automated network of customs clearance options to ensure that your cargo and goods have all the necessary permissions that are required for safe transportation without any hindrance. We are a leading name in the logistics industry due to the custom clearance services that we offer across all regions and ports in China as well as Europe. Our customs experts will guide you through the entire process to simplify the complex operations of the customs department in the best way.

We will prove to be an excellent service provider by handling all the export and import permit requirements for different goods all across China and Europe. Not just that but we also provide any kind of necessary advice on the product requirements and non-tariff barriers that might come along the way. We are a determined force and a forward-thinking company that offers superior services of Custom Clearance to our customers. Our solutions will definitely meet all the customs-related needs and requirements that you might have. Some of our main services include customs documentation, customs clearance, carting and receiving goods, shipment examination, stuffing & de-stuffing, and much more.

With our services, we will see to it that your goods don’t have any issues while being transported across different customs areas and ports. Rely on the trustworthy services of Wilmanton International Logistics and you will definitely not regret working with our company.


This is your chance to discover the value and importance of warehousing logistics across China with the help of the amazing warehousing services that we have. Our company is known all over the country for offering some of the most effective warehousing and inventory management services. We have experts who will design perfect strategies to ensure that all your needs and requirements related to proper warehousing are met in the best way. We will assist different enterprises in stuffing, packing, inventory management, logistics, and much more. Relying on our company and leveraging the benefits of a trustworthy warehousing company will definitely provide you with the best results in the long run.

Wilmanton International Logistics is your one-stop location for all the warehousing requirements that you have. We are an ideal partner for different companies that want to export and import different goods to and from China. We have comprehensive and reliable warehousing facilities in Chongqing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Chengdu. We will offer competitive rates for complete warehousing and freight handling services. Right from unloading to onward distribution, we aim to make sure that all the requirements of our customers are fulfilled to their satisfaction.

Are you looking for a service provider that you can completely trust? Our team of highly experienced and trained professionals will be careful in handling different types of cargo. We have storage options for our clients with accreditations from different industry standards. We will help in scaling your business upwards with our on-site logistics and warehousing solutions.